When your app is down,
know if it's you or
AWS. Azure. GCP. APIs.

Metrist sends you real-time alerts when your third-party cloud apps are down so you know where to look and what to do during outages.

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Know about outages as they happen.

No more waiting for third-party confirmation so you can get started addressing your product and customers as soon as possible.

Metrist Slack interface

Be proactive instead of reactive to downtime.

Get real-time, detailed notifications about the status of your third-party apps so that you can stay ahead of cloud app outages, and attend to your own app as needed.

Keep your whole team on the same page.

From DevOps to Support to IT, everyone can know if a third-party app is affecting your software’s performance as soon as it happens. Stay in sync so you can solve issues due to outages as soon as possible. 


"No more waiting for third-party providers to acknowledge an incident we noticed and began investigating twenty minutes ago. Metrist completes our observability story to monitor our third-party services and infrastructure with confidence."
Jefferson Faseler
Engineering Manager
"Metrist has consistently and correctly been our “go to” indication of outages and issues with our third party services. The proactive nature of Metrist allows us to confidently act first and reduce impacts to our customers."

Mike Canzoneri
Head of Tech Ops
"Metrist notified us via Slack about issues hours ahead of our third-party vendor [updating their status page]. The early notice allows us to confidently notify our customers and reduce the total business impact."

Luke Rotta
Manager, SRE & Observability

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