Account-Specific Observability for Your Cloud Dependencies

Lower MTTR by 30 minutes with personalized alerting, automations, and analytics for your upstream dependencies.

Automations To
Mitigate Impact

Alerting to Detect and Verify Outages Quickly

Analytics to Hold Vendors Accountable

Save Money and Prevent Lost Revenue

Time is money when it comes to incident response. Between labor costs and revenue loss, it's about $5k/minute to be exact. Cloud dependencies like AWS, Twilio, etc cause between 25-75% of outages, depending on company usage. So it pays to be on top of cloud dependency outages.

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Lower MTTR
By About 30 Minutes

With real-time alerting, you can get alerted about outages an average of 30 minutes faster than status pages —and hours faster for reporting recovery. With detailed error information, you can get to work resolving the incident faster and more efficiently.

Save Time with Automations

It's easy to set up automations based on real-time data such as failover and failsafe measures. Now you don't have to wait around to find out if a third party is causing an outage then manually fail over. You can simply use the webhook data to automate failovers so you can resolve incidents as seamlessly as possible.

You wouldn't dream of operating your internal services blindly and you need to manage your cloud dependencies with the same care. Metrist enables teams to proactively know when an external service is down, with the goal of avoiding or mitigating incidents stemming from dependencies. Metrist’s approach to third-party observability ensures teams know authoritatively when SLAs are not met.”

-Joseph Ruscio, General Partner, Heavybit

With Metrist in our monitoring stack, we are alerted to vendor issues up to 60 minutes before they are officially communicated. Without those alerts, we’d be on our heels, not taking meaningful action until much later.”

- Mike Canzoneri, Head of Tech Ops, Torch

Really, Any App.

It’s easy to monitor any of your cloud dependencies. Schedule a 15 minute demo to learn how to get started.