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Our Story

We’re working to make the world more reliable – yes, really.

As early employees of PagerDuty and New Relic, our co-founders saw firsthand how digital businesses struggled to understand how third parties were impacting their own reliability and uptime. So they created Metrist, a platform that finally makes it possible for engineers and IT leaders to have accurate insight into the reliability of third-party cloud dependencies – and get alerted in real-time when something goes wrong.

We’re now on a mission to make the world more reliable by creating actionable observability for the web’s most foundational cloud products – something we call Cloud Dependency Management. We are doing this because, in today’s world, apps are built on apps, and we all deserve clear and timely service health insights into the cloud products that power our digital world.

Our Investors

Metrist is backed by the most accomplished names in Observability, Incident Response, and Developer Tooling. They invested in us because they experienced the cloud dependency management problem firsthand and through the eyes of their customers. Our angel investors include co-founders and executives from PagerDuty, Chef, StatusPage.io, Atlassian, Sentry, Heap, Dynatrace, Fastly, Signal Sciences, and more. We are a proud portfolio company of

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