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Making the world more reliable. Yes, really.

Metrist is on a mission to make the world more reliable by creating actionable visibility into the functionality and performance of the web’s most built upon products. We believe cloud infrastructure users deserve clear, timely, and detailed insight into the reliability of the apps they depend on. We’ve set out to give the customer power through data, and we are evolving the definition of observability along the way.

Who we are

Metrist was born out of experiences from PagerDuty and New Relic where we saw first hand how customers struggled to understand the impact that third parties have on their own reliability and uptime. Our growing, all-remote team is made up of:

Jeff Martens

CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan Duffield

CTO & Co-Founder

Ty Herbert

Head of Product

David Gray

Director of Engineering

Cees de Groot

Principal Software Engineer

Daven Casia

Software Engineer

Nikko Campbell

Software Engineer

Javier Alonso

Product Designer

Michele M
Michelle Ma

Software Engineering Assistant

Tina Wang
Tina Wang

Software Engineering Assistant

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Our Investors

Metrist is backed by the best of the best. Our angel investors include SaaS executives from companies such as PagerDuty, Heap Analytics, and Fastly, as well as co-founders from companies such as PagerDuty,, and Signal Sciences. We are a proud portfolio company of the following funds:

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