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Metrist April 2022 Product Updates

The team has been hard at work with some big product updates. Check out the April 2022 product updates below and send us any feedback or questions that you might have.

1. Additional vendor status details

Last month, we added the duration that a Metrist service monitor was unhealthy. We now also include the duration when a vendor status changes. You’ll also be able to see when a vendor changes their status to unhealthy (degraded or down). We’ll start counting the time period until the status changes back to healthy.

This feature is great for active issues, but what about when the vendor status changed in the past? We now include all vendor status changes in the Metrist vs. Vendor status comparison for AWS, Azure, and GCP service monitors. You can view vendor status changes by selecting a bar with the Metrist vs. Vendor comparison chart, then the vendor status change. Any Metrist status changes will display.

We’ve included counts of hashtags and sparklines specific to the AWS services that we monitor to provide you with a one-stop for your third-party troubleshooting needs. With this feature, you’ll quickly understand if others are experiencing any issues when you are investigating third-party latency or outages within the Metrist web app. If you are using a similar service like Down Detector, you’ll have the ability to see the Metrist + Vendor + Twitter trends in a single view.

Keep an eye out for more hashtag reporting for other services that we monitor.

3. New service monitor for Metrist services

To provide full transparency into the Metrist platform’s health, we have provided a Metrist service monitor to validate that Metrist is working as expected.

The service monitor will:

  • Check that Metrist can access the latest service monitor build – required to run a service monitor from each location
  • Pull regional and vendor-specific configurations – required for the monitor to run in each location
  • SendTelemetry – collects and sends data to the Metrist collector.

You can add the Metrist service monitor by selecting ‘Manage’ on the Metrist web app home landing page, selecting the Metrist service monitor, and save your changes.

If you’d like to receive a Slack notification, you’ll need to enter the command /metrist subscriptions #<channel_name> and select “Metrist” from the drop-down list in Slack.

4. Service monitor status API (Limited BETA)

A common feature request has been to pull the service monitor status using a REST API. This feature is now available! The Metrist service monitor status API allows you to obtain the status of one or more service monitors at any given time. Learn more about this feature: Metrist docs

Please note that this feature isn’t available for all accounts. If you are interested and would like access, contact us.

5. What we are working on next

Thanks for reading this far! We aren’t done yet. Here’s a view into what we are working on next:

  • Continuing the focus on when a monitor is not healthy
    • New service monitor status
    • Providing additional header request and response details
    • Adding vendor status details to additional service monitors
  • Additional GCP service monitors

Please let us know what you think of these new features and what other features you’d like to see.

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