Back to the Future — Simplifying the Stack

When you start a company with the idea to use external funding to get it going, the first order of business is not to build the most awesome, scalable, presentable infrastructure. The first order of business is to build what is essentially a demo that shows the essence of your ideas to potential early stage […]

Why We Chose Elixir Part 2: Elixir and the CELP Stack

This blog post is a continuation of our blog post on how we landed at Elixir. You may want to read or at least skim that one before diving in here.  Choosing Elixir as a programming language is not enough – like a lot of powerful systems, it comes as a collection of parts and […]

How and Why We Chose Elixir at Metrist

Software stacks are a dime a dozen these days, and picking the right one can seem somewhere between difficult and impossible. But while some people say choosing the “right tool” doesn’t matter, we think there is an advantage in choosing the best stack for the job.   Although it may take a bit of legwork to […]