Why Status Pages Are Lying to You and What To Do About It

status pages lying to you frustrated woman at computer

When your app goes down, your first thought might be, “is it us or is it one of our 50 SaaS and cloud providers?” One of the ways to investigate this question is by going to those vendors’ status pages. However, their page might not offer you very much information. In fact, status pages are […]

Liabilities of Third-Party Cloud Dependencies with Linda Ypulong

Linda Ypulong Metrist Interview Title and Headshot

Today’s interview is with DevOps expert Linda Ypulong. As Director of Engineering at Credit Karma, she has a lot of experience working with third-party dependencies and making sure her customers have the most reliable platform possible. Linda took an unconventional path in her 30-year career, starting as a software trainer. After working with brands such […]

What’s New: Metrist Updates June 2022

New SaaS integrations. More detailed statuses. An interview with a DevOps data reliability expert. All that and more Metrist updates to kick off your summer.  We hope you’re having a great start to your summer, and we hope that the new features at Metrist are a part of that! So read on to check out […]