Why So Many Companies Run in AWS us-east-1

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become an essential part of the cloud computing landscape, providing a wide range of services across numerous geographic regions, including five in the United States. One region, in particular, us-east-1, has long been the default and preferred choice for many businesses. After the recent AWS outage effecting us-east-1, we went […]

The Data Behind Delayed Status Page Updates

In today’s world, apps are commonly built on top of other apps. Utilizing third-party cloud, API, and SaaS products can help us deliver more and better features, faster. With increasing cloud dependency, when outages occur, it is crucial for users to receive timely updates on the status of the issue. A recent study by Metrist […]

How to Build a Real-Time PagerDuty-Compatible Monitor for GitHub Uptime

GitHub is a pretty critical part of a software developer’s workflow. So if it’s down, you’d want to know ASAP. But it often takes a while for the GitHub status page to update. That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to set up continuous monitoring for the software so you can be in the […]

Unlocking the ROI of Third-Party Cloud Dependency Monitoring

Improving incident response – and with it, brand equity – is always a beneficial practice. And during these turbulent times in the software industry, it has never been more important. But amidst layoffs of SRE teams, slashed budgets, and elimination of spending on tools, it has also never been more difficult to deliver reliable software. […]

The Overlooked Culprit Behind 70% of SaaS Outages

Identifying the source of an outage is the name of the game when it comes to incident response and observability. But what if you were blind to the source of up to 70% of those outages?  That’s the case for most companies because it’s difficult to get visibility into a fundamental part of today’s apps: […]

My Predictions For the Future of Observability

Observability is an exciting, emerging field. My co-founder, Ryan, and I have been here since the early days (including being some of the first hires at Server Density and New Relic, back when we just did monitoring), we’ve seen the field grow in significant ways, and we’re here to help it evolve even more. But […]

Going Beyond Incident Response With Cloud Observability 

When it comes to observability for Cloud Dependencies, we often think about how we can use that data for incident response. However, that data can go beyond incident response and have a number of important applications.  In this article, we’ll discuss the ways cloud dependency data can inform ways to improve resiliency, get early warnings, […]

The Three Reasons You Need Observability

When people talk about observability, it’s usually in the context of obtaining data (metrics, logs, and traces) for the purpose of resolving incidents. But what if that data could be used for more than emergency situations? And what if expanding our understanding of what observability is can help us better resolve incidents – and maybe […]

What Happened at AWS re:Invent? Highlights From the 2022 Conference

Highlights of the AWS Re:Invent Conference What happened at this year’s AWS Re:Invent? We attended and can confirm it was a great event. (Shout-out if you saw Jeff or Ryan there!) If you weren’t one of the 50,000 people who attended in-person and 300,000 online, here’s a recap of the most important updates!   Observability […]