The US, UK, and EU Want to Regulate Cloud Reliability. Is That Necessary? 

The DevOps field (and we at Metrist) have always realized how important reliability is. But according to Information Week, governments in the US, UK, and EU are now also starting to recognize the importance – and develop legislation to support it.  But while all three governing bodies are pushing to develop or expand current legislation […]

AWS US East 2 Outage Analysis (July 28th, 2022)

AWS US East 2

A power outage to a single availability zone within the US East 2 region resulted in a widespread outage for about 2 hours (10 AM to 12:16 PM PT) on Thursday, July 28th.  Metrist monitors detected the outage around 10 AM PT soon after AWS West Region 2 recovered from a 3+ period of high […]

Is SRE Just Ops with a New Name?

Is SRE just Ops with a new name?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a hot topic and job title, but what exactly is SRE? Are we just putting a new name on an old concept? Did we actually knock down the wall between Dev and Ops, or are we still tasking a single team with making the rest of the company look good? […]

Why Status Pages Are Lying to You and What To Do About It

status pages lying to you frustrated woman at computer

When your app goes down, your first thought might be, “is it us or is it one of our 50 SaaS and cloud providers?” One of the ways to investigate this question is by going to those vendors’ status pages. However, their page might not offer you very much information. In fact, status pages are […]

DevOps Expert Jeff Smith On Third-Party Reliability Data

Jeff Smith profile image with blog title

DevOps expert Jeff Smith explains how site reliability data from third parties can influence your app’s performance and how you can leverage that data. Today’s expert is Jeff Smith. He is the Director of Production Operations at ad tech company Basis Technologies (formerly Centro) and was previously Manager of Site Reliability Engineering at Grubhub.  Jeff […]

Observability like air traffic control with Mike Canzoneri of Torch

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews with software and SaaS industry experts on what it is like to build on, and manage the reliability of, cloud hosted third parties. In this series, we are interviewing SREs, Software Engineers, Directors of Engineering, CTOs, and more from companies like Weedmaps, Freshly, Zendesk, Netflix, and […]