What Happened at AWS re:Invent? Highlights From the 2022 Conference

Highlights of the AWS Re:Invent Conference What happened at this year’s AWS Re:Invent? We attended and can confirm it was a great event. (Shout-out if you saw Jeff or Ryan there!) If you weren’t one of the 50,000 people who attended in-person and 300,000 online, here’s a recap of the most important updates!   Observability […]

Introducing a Real AWS Status Page!

Why is the official AWS status page so hated? Sometimes it appears to be useless. It’s one of the biggest and most important products in the world – what could possibly make its status page so unreliable? There are a variety of reasons why the AWS status page is not reliable – or even a […]

Recap of DevGuild: Incident Response 2022

We had a great time at DevGuild: Incident Response and learned a lot from some amazing speakers that shared their experiences from Spotify, Zendesk, Salesforce, Honeycomb, Snyk, and more. I wanted to recap the experience and provide some takeaways from the amazing conference. And don’t take my word for it, you can watch the replay […]

How and Why We Chose Elixir at Metrist

Software stacks are a dime a dozen these days, and picking the right one can seem somewhere between difficult and impossible. But while some people say choosing the “right tool” doesn’t matter, we think there is an advantage in choosing the best stack for the job.   Although it may take a bit of legwork to […]

Launch Day: Why We Started Metrist and the Interesting Outages We’ve Seen So Far

Launch day

Today, Jeff, the team, and I are excited to announce the general availability of Metrist. The product we’ve created is software with a web and Slack UI that helps you and your organizations manage your cloud dependencies. We do this by running end-to-end functional tests against third-party APIs while also measuring performance directly from your […]

Everything Google Announced at Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next 2022 was an exciting event, with the company announcing innovations in three major areas: infrastructure, data, and collaboration. To learn more about the announcements and what you can get out of them, read on.   Infrastructure Google Cloud took steps to improve its infrastructure and security in the following ways:  Virtual machines […]

How We Found Azure’s Unannounced Breaking Change

Although APIs are the lifeblood of so many software applications today, the impact on their dependencies when they break can often be overlooked. And while full outages can have a more widespread and obvious impact across a user base, breaking changes to an API’s contract can be just as impactful – and much more difficult […]

The US, UK, and EU Want to Regulate Cloud Reliability. Is That Necessary? 

The DevOps field (and we at Metrist) have always realized how important reliability is. But according to Information Week, governments in the US, UK, and EU are now also starting to recognize the importance – and develop legislation to support it.  But while all three governing bodies are pushing to develop or expand current legislation […]

AWS US East 2 Outage Analysis (July 28th, 2022)

AWS US East 2

A power outage to a single availability zone within the US East 2 region resulted in a widespread outage for about 2 hours (10 AM to 12:16 PM PT) on Thursday, July 28th.  Metrist monitors detected the outage around 10 AM PT soon after AWS West Region 2 recovered from a 3+ period of high […]