What Went Down: Week of November 6th, 2022

Newsworthy:  Zoom’s API began throwing errors just after midnight Pacific for almost 22 hours on the 6th. Issues started right after Zoom’s previously-announced planned maintenance.      The platform likely broke something with authentication while doing other maintenance. And since the incident occurred over a weekend and did not impact the core functionality of joining […]

What Went Down: Week Ending October 23rd, 2022

Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime   AWS AWS RDS was unable to createnew instances in AWS US-East-1 for 44 minutes on the 20th. AWS only provided a vague error message about the service being unavailable. On the 20th, it was unable to create new instances in AWS US-East-1 for 20 minutes; Metrist’s attempts each timed out after […]

What Went Down: Week Ending October 9th, 2022

Newsworthy:  Chase Bank in the UK was down for more than 24 hours on the 4th. Details regarding the cause were not provided. However, the outage reminds us of the complexity of modern systems with cloud dependencies, even for critical services like Chase Bank.   New Relic had a major outage on the 7th which […]

What Went Down: Week Ending October 2nd, 2022

The past week was relatively quiet with the exception of a major Amazon API Gateway outage. Apart from this incident on the 28th, Circle CI, Zoom, Sentry, and a couple of Azure platforms had notable outages.  Newsworthy Outages Amazon API Gateway had a major outage in the US-West-2 (Oregon) region, with a direct impact on […]

What Went Down: Week Ending September 25th

Newsworthy:  Instagram had a major outage on the 22nd. Both influencers and businesses worldwide were unable to log in or access the app for about two hours starting around 11:45am PT. And like many who have unreliable/slow status pages for their cloud dependencies, many Instagram users went to Twitter for information about the outage. People […]

What Went Down: Week Ending September 19th

Newsworthy:  Venmo was down for several hours on the 12th. The outage started around 9:20am Pacific time and recovered between 1:30-2:30pm.   Zoom had a major outage from about 8-8:30am Pacific time on the 15th. Users were unable to join meetings across North America. This incident followed a more minor event on the 13th in which […]

What Went Down: Week Ending September 10th

WWD Sept 10th

Check out “what went down” for the week ending Saturday, September 10th, 2022.  Newsworthy:  Github was throwing errors for some users on some requests. Although the errors were occasional and happened throughout the week (and continuing to date), they were pervasive enough for the issue to make it to the front page of Hacker News […]

What Went Down: Week Ending September 4th

What Went Down September 4th

Check out “what went down” from Monday, August 29th to Sunday, September 4th.   Newsworthy:  Microsoft Azure was fully down for some users starting around 11 AM Pacific time on August 30th and resolving around 9 AM on the 31st. The problem specifically affected the users that run Canonical Ubuntu 18.04. A “flawed security update” […]

What Went Down Week of August 29th, 2022

What Went Down August 29th Featured Image

What “went down” this week? Stripe, Datadog, and Azure are among the top platforms to watch. Check out the report from Monday, August 22nd – Sunday, August 29th. Newsworthy:  Stripe had a notable outage that affected many of its customers. While they were down for many users (see Twitter), Metrist only saw a few errors […]

What Went Down Week of August 21st, 2022

What Went Down August 22nd 2022

This was a very quiet, stable week for the cloud! Kudos to those keeping the cloud industry reliable. As PagerDuty once said, “Uneventful days are beautiful days (for on-call engineers).” But for the minor outages of the week, check out our report for Monday, August 15th – Sunday, August 21st. Newsworthy:  Netlify had a major […]