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March Updates: Important — Out-of-the-Box Data is Going Away

We work hard every day to increase the value of Metrist, and we have two big changes to share with you this month. You don’t want to miss these so read on!


Product Updates

Important: Out-of-the-box data is going away

Effective today, you will no longer see the Metrist view of service health as we focus the product on account-specific service health metrics. This means that in order to get value from Metrist, you’ll need to do a few small steps to set up personalized monitoring.

You can get started on your own or schedule a time to get a quick walk through.

Why are we doing this and what does this mean for you? Put quite simply, the Metrist view of a service’s health doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match your experience with a cloud dependency. Metrist customers that have setup account specific monitoring get more value and operate more efficiently than those that haven’t.

If you have already set up account specific monitoring, you are all set. If you have not yet set up account-specific monitoring, until you do, you won’t get service health alerts from functional testing, and you won’t have metrics in the Metrist web app or Datadog integration.

If you have questions or concerns, please drop us a note.


New Feature: Recent Issues

This past month, we also launched another feature that has been frequently requested by users: Recent issues! This new feature summarizes every outage and degradation, from start to finish, with the details you may need for incident analysis, vendor outreach, or your quarterly business reviews.

Check out recent issues from all of your services by going to Metrist Dashboard > More > View Issues or simply click “Issues” when viewing the details of a single service!


Publications and Podcasts

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And be sure to schedule a demo to set up personalized monitoring so you can gain full functionality of the ways Metrist can improve your observability! 

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