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Metrist Co-Founders to Speak at the DevGuild: Incident Response Conference

The DevGuild: Incident Response conference is being held November 15-17th this year, showcasing the knowledge of how leading SREs are “increasing resiliency at every level with Observability and Incident Response.” Each day’s 1.5 hr session focuses on a theme regarding incident response. The speaker lineup is also exciting and includes Metrist’s co-founders. 

You can register here. Read on to learn more about the speakers and lineup. 

The Speakers

Several industry leaders from companies like Snyk, PagerDuty, New Relic, Netflix, Chef, and Amazon are headlining the conference, including: 

  • Guy Podjarny: Heavybit Co-Founder
  • Nora Jones: Jeli Founder and CEO
  • Liz Fong-Jones: Honeycomb Field CTO
  • Mandi Walls: DevOps Advocate
  • Erin McKeown: Zendesk Director of Engineering in Resilience
  • Sarah Butt: Salesforce SRE Lead
  • Linda Ypulong: Credit Karma Director of Engineering
  • Dylan Bochman: Spotify Project Manager
  • Jesse Robbins: Heavybit General Partner
  • Jeff Martens: Metrist Co-Founder & CEO
  • Ryan Duffield: Metrist Co-Founder & CTO


Jeff will be giving a talk and Ryan will be sitting on a panel for day one. For more details, check out the lineup: 

The Schedule

Each day of the online conference focuses on a different aspect of incident response. And at 1.5 hours in duration for each day, the conference is easy to attend!

  • Nov 15th: Advances in Monitoring. After a greeting from Jesse Robbins, the day starts off with a talk from Metrist’s Jeff Martens about “Modern Monitoring & Detection.” His talk is then followed by a panel of SRE experts including Jesse, Liz Fong-Jones, Linda Ypulong, and Ryan Duffield. 
  • Nov 16th: Incident Response “Playbooks.” Nora Jones starts off the day by discussing how “engineering orgs can stop burning out teams, stop damaging customer relationships, and master IM as a practice with the Howie (short for “How we got here”) IM framework.” Then a round table including Nora, Erin McKeown, Dylan Bochman, and Sarah Butt follow. 
  • Nov 17th: The Future of Incident Response. PagerDuty’s Mandy Walls will give a talk about “Minimizing Human Intervention in Incident Response.” This talk will be followed by “A Fireside with Guy Podjarny,” hosted by Jesse Robbins. 


With these bite-sized chunks from leading SREs, you won’t want to miss this lineup!

How to Register

The DevGuild: Incident Response conference is free! And you can register at the link below:

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us or Heavybit! We look forward to seeing you there. 

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