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Metrist is now in public beta

Today, I am pleased to announce that Metrist is in public beta. For the past year, we’ve been building privately alongside our designer partners and beta users from companies like Freshly, Torch, Chicago Trading Company, Reperio Health, Walmart, Sublime Security, DoorDash, Stonks Trading, and more. It’s now time to put what we’ve built into more hands.

Metrist is for anyone that goes on-call to support software built on the public cloud. Like an optometrist for their patients, we give our users visibility into the performance, functionality, and availability of the world’s most built-upon cloud products.

We do this by continuously testing the functionality of more than 40 cloud products, from regions all over North America. These aren’t simple ping checks, but full, end-to-end functional tests, ensuring successful calls and correct, expected responses. The result is a single place to monitor and alert on the real-time health of all of the supported services you care about, with specific and detailed insight into service status, as much as 80 minutes faster than relying on a vendor’s status page.

“Metrist has consistently and correctly been our go-to indication of outages and issues with our third party services. The proactive nature of Metrist allows us to confidently act first and reduce impacts to our customers.”

– Mike Canzoneri, Head of Technology Operations, Torch

Today’s public beta launch is focused on visibility into 31 products from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Additionally, we are offering public beta support for other popular tools such as CircleCI, Fastly, NPM, and more. Slack and Teams apps offer both push and pull notifications, PagerDuty and Datadog integrations allow for Metrist to integrate into your current workflow and dashboards, while our web app offers detailed exploration of service health checks.

Icons and names for the 13 AWS services that Metrist supports in the public beta
Just some of the services Metrist supports in public beta

Everything offered today is free of charge while in public beta, with our commitment to having a feature-rich free plan, and enterprise-grade options when the product goes into General Availability later this year.

If you build on the cloud, and go on-call to support software, you don’t want to face another alert without the visibility that Metrist offers. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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