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The Importance of Proactive Slack Alerts

Proactive Slack Alerts From Metrist

Nobody likes to be surprised by major issues or downtime. It’s always better to know ahead of time if something big is about to happen, specifically when this impacts your customers or collecting revenue. Metrist provides our customers with the option to receive proactive Slack alerts, ensuring that they will always be alerted when a third-party service that they depend on is not operating as expected.

Below, we look at things to consider when building a notification strategy.


Audience is key in figuring out the correct formula for your alert strategy. You need to make sure to alert the correct team members at the right time. If you send too many alerts that have no meaning, you’ll risk alert fatigue. Alert fatigue will result in your team ignoring or being less responsive to notifications in the future. 

To prevent alert fatigue, consider the following:

  1. Define your audience: Which individuals or teams within your organization would benefit from knowing a third party is degraded or down? 
  2. Determine the best method of delivery: Are users all in the same Slack workspace or channels? Do some prefer to receive emails?
  3. Educate your audience: Provide the individuals or teams with a brief overview of any notifications that you will send, or have sent, their way. Make sure each person understands the action/next steps required once an alert has been received. 

This will solidify your notification process to ensure the team can take action once they receive an alert.

Another thing to consider is to integrate in with an existing notification process, such as one your company might have in place for an APM, (application performance monitoring), product.

Let’s set up Metrist to send proactive Slack alerts

Metrist supports a number of channels that can be used to proactively notify your team (including email, and via webhooks). For this post we will be focusing on Slack.

This is a two-part process:

1) Install the Metrist Slack chat app
2) Add proactive Slack alerts to Metrist

Please make sure to complete both parts or you are at risk of not receiving all of the expected notifications.

1) Installing the Metrist Slack app

Follow the steps below to install the Slack app. This requires that you have the permissions to install Slack apps. More details on how to add Slack apps to your workspace are available on the Slack website.

Log in to Metrist and from the ‘Profile’ drop down menu in the upper-right corner select ‘Install App’ or select this following link:

This will open up the Slack installation page:


Select the ‘Add to Slack’ button to begin, this will take you to the ‘Slack Authentication’ screen:

Select the Slack workspace you’d like to connect with and review the requested permissions. When you are ready to continue with the installation, select ‘Allow’ to complete the connections between Metrist and your Slack workspace!

Metrist offers a number of commands that can be used in Slack, included in the screenshot above. This includes the ability to view the status of any of the service monitors in your Metrist account.

Metrist has now been successfully added to your Slack workspace. Next, you’ll need to subscribe to alerts. Follow the steps in the next section to alert a specific Slack channel when Metrist notices a service monitor status change.

2) Add proactive Slack alerts to Metrist

The next step is to identify the best channel to send your notifications. We recommend using any existing channel you have set up for other alerts. If you don’t have a channel, create one named ‘#metrist’ for easy reference.

Setting up proactive Slack alerts

Metrist offers the option to send a notification directly to a user via DM, (direct message), or to a Slack channel in your workspace. Metrist notifications, (DM to an individual), and subscriptions, (messages to a channel), can be configured in Slack using slash commands.

The Metrist chat app offers a number of commands. These can be accessed by entering /metrist help.

Follow the steps below receive a notification in a specific Slack channel when the status of your Metrist service monitor changes

Once you have identified the Slack channel where you’d like to receive notification, enter the command: /metrist subscription #<channel name>

Note #<channel name> will be replaced with the channel you’d like to use. Make sure to add a # in front of the channel name.

The Metrist Slack app will display an option to select the monitors that will notify this channel.

  • In the example below, there are two monitors already subscribed to send notifications.
  • To add/remove subscription, select ‘add monitors’, or in the example below where it says ‘2 selected’.

You’ll see a list of the service monitors. For each service monitor listed, Metrist will send an alert to the associated channel when their status changes.

Select the text box and you’ll see a list of service monitors in your Metrist account. From here, add or remove the service monitors that will trigger an alert when their status changes.

Once you’ve selected the desired service monitors select ‘Save’ to save your changes. Metrist alerts will be sent to Slack when a service monitor’s status changes.

Not seeing a service monitor that you are expecting? Slack includes the Metrist service monitors that has been added to your Metrist account. Additional service monitors can be added to your account in the Metrist web app.

You are all set! You will now receive proactive Slack alerts from Metrist.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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