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The Overlooked Culprit Behind 70% of SaaS Outages – A Preview of Jeff Martens’ Talk at DevGuild: Incident Response

Is it possible to achieve 99.99% uptime when your app is built on top of other apps?? Jeff Martens will dive into this question at the DevGuild: Incident Response conference on November 15th, 2022. 

Companies are using more and more third-party cloud apps to power their products and run their business. Everything from AWS, to Stripe, Twilio, Snowflake, GitHub, and more. However, this now means that about 70% of SaaS outages are due to third-party incidents. 


The Problem with building in the cloud 

Even when cloud dependencies offer 99.99% uptime, as you combine services, you have to deal with the likelihood of each going down: that 0.01% promised. When you rely on dozens of such  dependencies, and when probability science tells us they will all have downtime at different times, meeting your own SLAs becomes tough.. 

There are ways to reduce risk, respond faster when cloud dependencies take you down, and hold vendors accountable. But this requires a change in how we approach observability. 


What the Talk will Cover

That’s exactly what Jeff is going to address. In his talk, he’ll discuss how you can 

  1. Implement monitoring and detection best practices
  2. Understand today’s monitoring stack 
  3. Know which pieces your organization is missing 

So you can achieve 99.99% availability even if you are using 137 cloud dependencies. 


How You Can Attend

Joining in on Jeff’s talk is free! And you can register here at the DevGuild: Incident Response website. 

Let us know if you have any questions about the talk or improving your third-party monitoring capabilities!

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