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What Went Down Week of August 29th, 2022

What “went down” this week? Stripe, Datadog, and Azure are among the top platforms to watch. Check out the report from Monday, August 22nd – Sunday, August 29th.


  • Stripe had a notable outage that affected many of its customers. While they were down for many users (see Twitter), Metrist only saw a few errors and did not call the service down, but Twitter was ablaze with users commenting on the issue.What Went Down Stripe Twitter 
  • Datadog’s nearly weeklong issue that started last week (August 17th) was resolved on the evening of August 23rd Pacific time. The Datadog status page did not appear to reflect this outage during this time. 

Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime

While these outages didn’t make the news, these issues caught by Metrist may have affected your company’s app and operations. 

  • Azure DevOps Test Plans was down multiple times over multiple days in the AZ-US-Central region from the 27th – the 28th, as the DeleteTestCase was not responding. Other instances of latency occurred throughout the week. 

  • Azure Cosmos DB could not create databases in West US multiple times over the course of the day on August 25th.
  • Azure SQL  was unable to create SQL Server in the South Central US region for 13 minutes on the 26th.
  • Azure AKS had Extreme latency when creating new deployments for 58 minutes in South Central US on the 26th.
  • GCP Compute Engine could not create instances for 8 hours 46 minutes in US-East -4 on the 25th. The cause was likely a capacity issue.
  • AWS ECS (Fargate) was down in US-East-1 on and off starting around 3 PM Pacific on the 24th and ending around 4:55 AM EDT on August 25th. The issue was due to not having enough capacity to fill all of the user requests in the US-East-1 region. 

  • Bambora was partially down a couple of times on the 24th. The US-East-1 region was down for a couple of minutes at 4:38 AM and 2:23 PM Pacific time, while the CA-Central-1 region was down for a couple of minutes from 5:10-5:13 PM. Significant latency occurred throughout the week. 


Apps are bound to go down, but as long as we’re aware and have a backup plan, our companies can be more resilient. 


If you’d like to keep track of the apps you depend on in real-time, try Metrist!

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