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What Went Down: Week Ending April 3, 2023

Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime

While these outages didn’t make the news, these issues caught by Metrist may have affected your company’s app and operations. Want to know if or how you were impacted? Set up Metrist to monitor your own cloud resources by scheduling a demo.




  • Azure SQL had a number of 5-25 minute outages over the course of the week.
  • Azure Blob Storage had 12 8-13 minute outages over the course of the 29th-3rd.
  • Azure AKS had a 16-hour outage on the 29th, a 32-minute outage on the 30th, and a 32-minute outage on the 3rd.
  • Azure Cosmos DB had a 20-minute outage on the 28th, 29th, and 2nd.
  • Azure Virtual Machines had an 8-minute outage on the 29th, 28-minute outage on the 30th, another 28-minute outage on the 31st, and 29-minute outage on the 1st.


  • AWS Elastic Load Balancer had a 10-minute outage on the 29th.
  • AWS ECS (Fargate) had a 7-minute outage on the 29th.


  • GCP Compute Engine had a 1-hour outage on the 28th, a 40-minute outage on the 29th, and a 41-minute outage on the 1st.



  • Zoom had a 19-minute outage on the 1st.
  • Envoy had a 5-hour, 30-minute outage on the 1st.



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