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What Went Down: Week Ending December 18th, 2022


GCP Compute Engine had a partial outage in Asia-Northeast3 and Europe-West4 for nearly 2 hours starting at 19:22 UTC on the 16th. Some customers experienced VM crashes and had the inability to spin up new VMs. 


Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime



  • AWS RDS was unable to create instances from US East 2 for 10 minutes on the 12th. 
  • AWS Cognito was unable to create users from US East 2 for 10 minutes on the 12th. 



  • Azure SQL’s Create Sql Server was not responding from Azure South Central US for 12 minutes on the 15th. 



  • Trello was unable to Delete Cards from US East 1 for 47 minutes on the 12th
  • Alavara had a number of issues involving both high latency and failures when the platform was tested across its North American regions. These issues started at 1:34 pm Pacific on the 14th and ending at 3am Pacific (14.5 hours) on the 15th. 


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