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What Went Down: Week Ending December 4th, 2022

Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime


  • Azure Cosmos DB’s Delete Container was not responding and down from Azure East US for 18 minutes on the 28th. Additionally, Create Cosmos Account was not responding for 19 minutes on the same day. On the 30th, it was again unable to Create Cosmos Account from Azure East US for three separate 20-minute intervals. 
  • Azure Blob Storage was unable to create storage accounts from Azure East US for 10 minutes on the 3rd. 



GCP App Engine was unable to CreateVersion from GCP US West 1 for 8 minutes on the 29th. 



  • Zoom was unable to Join Call from US East 2 for 9 minutes on the 1st. It had the same issue from CA Central 1 for 23 hours on the 2nd and 5 hours 20 minutes on the 3rd. 

  • Sentry was unable to create issues from US East 2 on the 4th. 

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