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What Went Down: Week Ending January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! We hope you had a restful holiday season and a happy new year. 

The Cloud Dependency arena was relatively quiet over the holiday season, but there were a number of notable incidents that may (or may not) have affected your company’s operations. Read on to learn more. 



  • AWS S3’s Putting Objects had several 6-16-minute incidents on the 20th where it was between 400-600% slower than normal. The incident happened again for 6 minutes on the 21st. 

  • AWS CloudFront had several (15) short (2-10 minute) periods of being in a degraded state on the 21st. 
  • AWS Cognito was in a degraded state from US West 2 and went down several times in the evening of the 25th.

  • AWS EC2 experienced a major outage in US-East 2 on December 23rd. The issues began at 6:04 pm Pacific and appeared to be fully resolved by 6:29 pm Pacific. Did someone there do a deploy on Friday night, before a holiday weekend? 



  • Azure SQL’s Create SQL Server was unresponsive from Azure West US 2 for 12 minutes on the 19th. 
  • Azure Cosmos DB was unable to Create Cosmos Account in Azure East US for 20 minutes on the 22nd. Then the software was unable to Create Container from Azure Canada for 9 hours 50 minutes on the 29th. 


  • Datadog was unable to retrieve events from CA Central 1 for 26 minutes on the 20th. 
  • SendGrid experienced issues sending emails on December 24th for 28 minutes.


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