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What Went Down: Week Ending September 19th


  • Venmo was down for several hours on the 12th. The outage started around 9:20am Pacific time and recovered between 1:30-2:30pm.  
  • Zoom had a major outage from about 8-8:30am Pacific time on the 15th. Users were unable to join meetings across North America. This incident followed a more minor event on the 13th in which some users in the Western US were unable to join calls. 


Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime

While these outages didn’t make the news, these issues caught by Metrist may have affected your company’s app and operations. 


  • Azure Cosmos DB had multiple 30 min – 4 hour outages in Azure East US over the course of two days from the 14th through the 16th.
  • Azure AKS was unable to create deployments in Azure West US for about 30 minutes on the 15th and in Azure South Central US for about 50 minutes on the 16th.


  • Datadog had three different short outages (3-8 mins each) between 2-4:45pm Pacific time. However, 35% of GetEvent requests failed with a 502 response within the last week. 
  • CircleCI had an outage for about 1 hour, 10 minutes starting around 1am Pacific time on the 14th, in which the platform was unable to Start Pipelines or Run Docker Workflows. Then on the 15th, users in the Western US were unable to Run Monitor Docker Workflows for about 20 minutes, while users in the eastern US were seemingly unaffected. 


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