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What Went Down: Week Ending January 30, 2023


Probably the most notable outage of the week (if not month) was Microsoft’s, which had a major outage with Azure that lasted from 07:05 UTC to 09:45 UTC (2hrs, 40mins) on the 25th. This outage also impacted Teams, Office365, NPM,Github, and several other apps that use Azure as a cloud dependency. 

You can see our breakdown of the outage – and how it affected its dependencies – in our article here


Notable Metrist-Reported Downtime

While these outages didn’t make the news, these issues caught by Metrist may have affected your company’s app and operations. 


  • Azure AKS was unable to CreateCluster from Azure South Central US for 34 minutes on the 23rd and from Azure Central US for 34 minutes on the 29th. 


  • Zoom was unable to JoinCall from US East 2 for 54 minutes and 20 minutes on the 24th. 

  • New Relic’s OpenSyntheticsUI was not responding from US West 2 for 10 minutes on the 29th. 


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