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January 2022 Product Updates

Hello and happy January from Metrist! Check out the latest features in the January 2022 product update!

The team has been hard at work with some big product updates. Check them out below and send us any feedback or questions that you might have.

New Website – tell all your friends!

In January we completed our rebrand from Canary Monitoring to Metrist, Inc. As part of this rebranding we redesigned our company’s website (and are pretty happy with how it turned out!). If you haven’t yet, check it out: 

Mobile friendly web app

These days an incident can occur at any time, and you could be anywhere. To help our users identify issues while on the go we have made our web app mobile friendly. Users will be able to login and view the status and details of service monitors from their mobile device. This is especially helpful if you are receiving notifications on Slacks or Teams on your mobile device and want to open the web app.

Third party vs Metrist status comparison

We are happy to now include the reported status for each AWS, GCP, and Azure service that we monitor. This makes it very easy to look at a Metrist service monitor and understand how frequently the Metrist service monitor’s status doesn’t match the third party’s reported status during the last 90 days. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it and marked each time the status doesn’t match for you.

User defined degraded and timeout configurations

Alternate: Metrist is configured out of the box with rules and thresholds that ensure we deliver meaningful service health alerts, with high confidence. No one size fits all and we offer user defined thresholds to ensure that Metrist’s view of a service matches your individual needs and expectations. Just a few clicks and keystrokes can increase or decrease the sensitivity of alerting for all checks and regions of a service monitor.

In some cases, configuring at the service monitor level isn’t enough, when some functionalities of a service have lower tolerances for latency and timeouts than others. With that, we also support adjusting thresholds at the individual check and region level, if you choose. We believe this provides you with the ultimate control over the sensitivity of the notifications that you receive from Metrist.

How do I configure this for my service monitors?

  • Log in:, and select (view) the service monitor that you’d like to configure.
  • In the right hand corner you’ll see an option to select “Thresholds”.
  • Note If you adjust the threshold, it will only be applied to the specific monitor (others monitors will need to be adjusted separately).

New service monitors (AWS & GCP)

We’ve expected our monitoring coverage of the AWS and GCP platforms to now cover AWS Cloudwatch and Kubernetes. We also added monitors for GCP Compute Engine and Cloud storage

This provides additional coverage of the AWS and GCP infrastructure services in addition to what we monitor on Azure.

In-product feedback form and support link in Metrist web app

Have an idea for a cool feature or something you cannot live without? Or do you need to get support for something that is not working in the Metrist web app? We have you covered! You can access an option to submit feedback or email our support team by selecting the “Help” option on the right side of the top navigation bar.

We now offer the option to submit product feedback and get support in the Metrist web app.

Please send us some feedback, we love hearing from you! 

What we are working on next

Thanks for reading this far, we did so much in January! But we aren’t done yet, here’s a view into what we are working on next:

  • Metrist public Beta: We will soon be making Metrist available for anybody to sign up. More details to come about this in the February product update.
  • Adding additional GCP and Azure service regions
  • Updates to the new account creation process

That’s all for now! Please let us know what you think of these new features, let us know what other features you’d like to see.

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