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What’s New: Metrist Updates June 2022

New SaaS integrations. More detailed statuses. An interview with a DevOps data reliability expert. All that and more Metrist updates to kick off your summer. 

We hope you’re having a great start to your summer, and we hope that the new features at Metrist are a part of that! So read on to check out our exciting updates and to learn about reliability data from a DevOps expert. 


Metrist Updates DataDog Detailed Comparison Example

Status Comparisons Added To More Vendors

We’ve expanded vendor status page info and status comparison to services such as Avalara, Hubspot, Sendgrid, CircleCI, Sentry, and more.

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Metrist Updates Blocked Status Example

Have A Better Understanding Of Region Statuses With The “Blocked” Status

Another Metrist Update has to do with giving you more information about the way your cloud-based apps are getting checked. When a check is blocked when an early step (check) in our workflow script fails, resulting in us not being able to test the next step (check). Since we don’t know if the functionality tested with a blocked check is working or not, we simply call it blocked.

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Metrist Updates AWS ELB and Google App Engine

Welcome AWS ELB and Google App Engine!

We’re constantly adding new apps that you can monitor! The newest ones to join Metrist are AWS ELB and Google App Engine. 

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Metrist Update Partially Down Status example

See If An Outage Is Major Or Minor

You can see the degree to which a cloud-based app is down with the new “Partially Down” status. If an app is malfunctioning at a minor level, you’ll get the “Partially Down” status. As a result, know can that you should keep an eye out for issues, but they may not be major.  

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Get Third-Party Reliability Data Insights From A DevOps Expert

Learn about third-party reliability data from an interview with DevOps expert, Jeff Smith, in our most recent blog! He has a lot of insights about the cloud-based app economy and what it means for the reliability of our apps. 

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Until Next Month… 

Thanks for checking out June’s Metrist updates! If you have any questions about our product or have features you’d like to see, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you. 

As always, don’t forget to log in to your account, create an account, and/or download the Slack app to take full advantage of Metrist features, old and new!

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