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What’s New: Metrist Product Updates August 2022

It’s been an eventful summer at Metrist! We have some exciting new features, and some great articles to explore. Check them out below!


More Status Page Details in Metrist

In our quest to be the single place to go for all third-party service insights, we are adding real-time vendor status page component details for select services. To enable, navigate to a third-party service in Metrist, click configure, and select the status page components you’d like on your dashboard. Try it out here.


Explore Outage Details in the Web App Faster

Slack messages will provide even more information with our new expand and explore buttons. The expand button allows you to see additional details within Slack, and “Explore” takes you to the Metrist web app for details analysis and data visualizations.


Easily Share the Real-time AWS Status

If you want to quickly share real-time statuses for the most popular AWS products in North American regions with friends, colleagues, or social media, you can now easily do so with a link to our AWS status page. This way, your connections can benefit from Metrist data, even if they don’t have a Metrist account.

Additionally, the page is the fastest way to get a gut check on the current health of AWS. Azure and GCP public Metrist status pages are coming soon!

Check Out Metrist’s Real-Time AWS Status Page.



Try Out New Monitors

Seventeen service monitors were released into public beta (previously private beta for select customers) and are available to all Metrist accounts! They can be added to an account by navigating to and selecting “manage” in the upper right corner.

The new service monitors are:

  • Avalara
  • Bambora
  • Braintree
  • EasyPost
  • Fastly
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Maps
  • Moneris
  • PubNub
  • SendGrid
  • Heroku
  • Snowflake
  • Asana
  • Auth0
  • NuGet
  • Trello
  • Twilio Video


With the addition of these vendors, we reached a total of 64 monitors. And we’re continually adding more! If there’s a monitor you want us to add, please contact us to let us know.


Check Out New Blogs

In addition to new features, we also have some new articles posted to the blog! These blogs include some with “controversial” questions, outage analyses, updates about newsworthy/notable outages, and insightful interviews. Enjoy!

  • Is SRE Just Ops With a New Name? Is SRE just the new, trendy name for Ops? SRE experts weigh in. (Featured in SRE Weekly!)
  • AWS US East 2 Outage Analysis. What happened during the recent AWS outage? We break it down — with some data that the status page may not have told you.
  • What Went Down. We have a new weekly update about the “newsworthy” and “notable” third-party apps that went down for the week. Get the scoop and see if anything affected your business.
  • Managing Risks from Third-Party Vendors with Erin McKeown. Treat vendors as part of the team? That’s some of the incredible advice Erin McKeown, Director of Engineering in Resilience at Zendesk shared in her interview. Check this advice and lots of other great tools in the blog!

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