Don't let status pages lie to you

Get real-time visibility into the performance and reliability of the web’s most built upon cloud products

Apps are built on apps

Metrist monitors the performance and availability of third party infrastructure and APIs, offering clear and definitive service health status that drives faster, more effective incident response, with less toil and confusion.

Metrist supports more than 50 popular cloud products, including:

Beyond the ping

Metrist isn’t a simple ping check, we continuously exercise the functionality of dozens of cloud hosted products to ensure they work the way you expect them to, analyzing the results so we can tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Status at the speed of data

Unlike most status pages, Metrist isn’t updated by a human. Functional monitoring generates the data needed to update service health status in realtime, often 20-60 minutes before vendors update their status pages.

One status page to rule them all

Metrist is a single app where users select only, any, and all the services they care about, configurable to notify only when desired thresholds for specific functionality are met

Get started today, no code required

Metrist works where DevOps happens

Metrist Slack and Teams apps put real-time service health data at your fingertips

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Multi-cloud, global visibility

Metrist monitors from multiple North American regions across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
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