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Observability for your Cloud Dependencies

Personalized data from any app, all in one place. (And 20 minutes before status pages or social media updates!)

Find out about or verify outages quickly

Hold vendors accountable to SLAs

Use automation to avoid impact

Get early warnings of impending outages

Respond to incidents with context around third-parties

Use data to pick better vendors

Know how cloud dependency outages are specifically
affecting your app.

Tired of scouring the internet and inboxes for status page information? Imagine the zen of having all of your cloud dependencies all in one place. Plus, you can get alerts to your favorite platform (like Slack or Datadog).

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Stay twenty minutes (and $100k) ahead of the curve.

It takes vendors an average of 20 minutes to update their status page – if they update it at all! And their update may not have the information that you need (such as personalized data on how the outage is affecting you). With outages costing about $300,000 per hour, saving 20 minutes is saving $100,000.

You wouldn't dream of operating your internal services blindly and you need to manage your cloud dependencies with the same care. Metrist enables teams to proactively know when an external service is down, with the goal of avoiding or mitigating incidents stemming from dependencies. Metrist’s approach to third-party observability ensures teams know authoritatively when SLAs are not met.”

-Joseph Ruscio, General Partner, Heavybit

With Metrist in our monitoring stack, we are alerted to vendor issues up to 60 minutes before they are officially communicated. Without those alerts, we’d be on our heels, not taking meaningful action until much later.”

- Mike Canzoneri, Head of Tech Ops, Torch

Radically improve observability with detailed third-party incident data.

Did you know that 70% of outages are due to cloud dependencies — but most observability platforms do not identify their effects? Radically improve your observability with detailed metrics of your business’ most foundational software.

Personalized Data
Out-of-the-Box Data

Really, Any App.

It’s easy to monitor any of your cloud dependencies. Learn how to install in-app Monitoring.