Multi-method monitoring for complete visibility. 

We use a combination of continuous end-to-end functional tests, in-app monitoring, and real-time status page feeds to give you the fullest picture of your cloud dependency health in the fastest time possible.

End-to-End Functional Testing

Continuously run scripted tests that observe outside-in service functionality of popular cloud products. Metrist- or customer-hosted.


Inside-out observation of how apps interact with cloud dependencies through real-world integrations, via eBPF or language agents.

Status Page
Live Feed

Real-time aggregation of cloud dependency status updates, directly from vendors as they communicate service issues and recovery.

Observability for any app you depend on.

Get visibility into any cloud product you use. Metrist offers out-of-the-box support for a growing list of popular cloud products, while our agent offers support for any service you rely on.

  • All AWS Services
  • All Azure Services
  • All GCP Services
  • Any SaaS Product
  • Any API

Real-time outage alerting where you work.

Know about outages when they start – about 20 minutes ahead of vendor status page updates. Get these alerts where it matters to you through:

  • Slack
  • Email
  • PagerDuty
  • Datadog
  • Webhook

Metrics that matter.

Get thorough, actionable information about cloud dependency outages and performance, such as

  • Request response codes
  • Error details
  • Asynchronous request latency
  • Timeout
  • Failure
  • Capacity issues

Fully customizable.

We are fully customizable, so monitoring can best match individual needs, use cases, and thresholds

  • Only the products you care about
  • Only the functionality you use
  • Only the regional instances you want
  • As high or low sensitivity as you need

Find out if Metrist is
the right fit for you

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