Resolve incidents faster and hold cloud vendors accountable

Proactive monitoring, alerting, and reporting that defines your experience with the cloud products you rely on.

Functional Testing

Metrist’s continuously-run end-to-end functional tests are specific to your account and monitor every critical aspect of a product. This way, you get metrics that go way beyond a ping test and you can see exactly how your software is being affected by upstream cloud dependencies. 

Data That's 100% Focused on Cloud Dependencies

Get visibility into any cloud product you use. Metrist offers out-of-the-box support for a growing list of popular cloud products, while our agent offers support for any service you rely on.

  • All AWS Services
  • All Azure Services
  • All GCP Services
  • Any SaaS Product
  • Any API

Real-time outage alerting where you work.

Know about outages when they start – about 20 minutes ahead of vendor status page updates. Get these alerts where it matters to you through:

  • Slack
  • Email
  • PagerDuty
  • Datadog
  • Webhook

Metrics that matter.

Get thorough, actionable information about cloud dependency outages and performance, such as

  • Request response codes
  • Error details
  • Asynchronous request latency
  • Timeout
  • Failure
  • Capacity issues

Fully customizable.

We are fully customizable, so monitoring can best match individual needs, use cases, and thresholds

  • Only the products you care about
  • Only the functionality you use
  • Only the regional instances you want
  • As high or low sensitivity as you need

Find out if Metrist is
the right fit for you

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