Get Started with Metrist

Welcome! You can get started monitoring your third-party app statuses via Slack in two easy steps:

Step 1

Create a Metrist Account

(It’s free!)

Step 2

Install the Metrist app for Slack

(Also free.)

Already installed the app and want to uninstall? Click here for uninstall instructions.

Be proactive about third-party downtime.

Real-time, detailed notifications about the status of your third-party apps let you stay ahead of cloud app outages and attend to your own app as needed.

Keep the whole team on the same page.

From DevOps to Support to IT, everyone can know if a third-party app is affecting your software’s performance as soon as it happens.

More accurate and detailed than third-party status pages.

Even though you rely on your third-party apps, their statuses may not be accurate or readily available to you. Metrist lets you see what’s actually happening as it happens.
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We’re here for you.

If you have questions about using Metrist, our team and app are ready to help! From setup to usage, you can have confidence in your success with the product.

Just use the command:

Uninstalling Metrist for Slack:

  1. Within Slack, right-click on the Metrist app and click View app details.
  2. Click Configuration.
  3. On the web page that opens, scroll down to Remove App and click the Remove App button.
  4. On the confirmation dialog that appears, click the Remove App button.